The Manley 20

HeadpieceDetail - large.jpg

* 1024 emitter lumens on turbo

* 7 days runtime on the lowest setting

* Non-magnetic construction

* Lightweight and rugged

The Manley 20 is a high performance headlamp designed for the harshest environments. Two independent LED drivers are coupled with precision optics. The flood optic provides uniform light throughout the field of view; you can see your feet and objects in your peripheral vision without blinding everyone near you or wasting light. The spot optic focuses a beam that illuminates objects at a distance for finding elusive leads. The mix of flood and spot illumination creates a light pattern unlike any other headlamp.

The case is milled from a single block of 6061 aircraft aluminum and hard anodized for military-grade strength. Construction materials include stainless steel, nickel, and brass; compasses and DistoX’s are unaffected by the headlamp.

• Headlamp weight: 151 grams (5.4 oz.) (including all hardware)
• Battery weight: 125 grams (4.4 oz)
• Waterproof (30 minutes, 1 foot)
• Crush-proof case: rated for 600 lbs.
• Over-discharge protection and thermal protection
• User switchable profiles: mixed beam (flood and spot) or individual (flood or spot only)

• Synchronous buck converter with efficiency >95%.
• User-replaceable power cable from headlamp.
• Standard 0.062-inch Molex power connector compatable with Sten batteries and chargers.
• Low-battery warning: 3 quick blinks indicates ~4% remaining.
• Open-source firmware